Alicia Prone Stander (APS1, APS2, APS3)

The Alicia Prone Stander is designed to be easy to use and not take up a lot of space while providing comfortable and safe upright positioning for young children. The child is always at the lowest possible position while the stander is adjusted up or down to fit their height. The choice of adjustments and supports provide the child with the appropriate amount of help they need to experience weight bearing in a standing position. The stander adjusts from 90° to 60° forward tilt and has a height and angle adjustable tray. Learn more »

Supine Stander (SS1, SS2)

The Prospect Designs Supine Stander is a versatile, easy to adjust option for children who need supported upright weight bearing and for whom prone standing is not appropriate. The child is always positioned at the lowest possible height regardless of their size and the stander “grows” up with the child. The wide range of angle adjustment allows the stander to be positioned nearly horizontal while placing the child in the stander. The stander can then be easily raised to the desired angle for the child to bear weight. Learn more »

Tilt in Space Chair (TS13, TS15, TS17)

The adjustable Tilt in Space Chair is the perfect answer to the needs of children with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities. Whether it is for feeding, school work or play the Prospect Designs Adjustable Tilt in Space Chair meets the challenge. The choice of sizes and options provide supported seating that is both comfortable and easy to use. The chair can be adjusted from fully upright to approximately a 40° tilt. The footrest, seat depth and back height are all quickly adjustable for growth. Learn more »

Classroom Positioner Chair (CPC25, CPC29, CPC33)

As the name suggests the Classroom Positioner Chair was originally conceived for use in schools, both inclusion classrooms and traditional special education settings. It can be easily adjusted for use at most child sized desks and tables. It has also proven to be equally adaptable and popular for use at home. The seat, back, and footrest are all independently adjustable for height, depth and angle. This allows for a wide range of positioning options depending on the child’s individual needs. A unique aspect of this design is the ability to set the contoured seat cushion at up to 20° anterior tilt as well as level or a posterior tilt. The anterior tilt can often be used to tilt the child’s pelvis forward and thereby encourage more correct back posture and improve upper extremity function and head control. Learn more »

Positioner Desk Stander (DS1, DS2, DS3)

A dynamic sit to stand addition to the Classroom Positioner Chair. The Positioner Desk Stander provides the seated child with an angle and height adjustable desk surface. Additionally, the desk can be raised and moved away to allow the child to come to a supported standing position. The child can experiment with the sit to stand movement or be encouraged to remain standing. The optional Posterior Pelvic Support may be used to help maintain the standing position. Learn more »

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