Classroom Positioner Chair

classroom positioner chairAs the name suggests the Classroom Positioner Chair was originally conceived for use in schools, both inclusion classrooms and traditional special education settings. It can be easily adjusted for use at most child sized desks and tables. It has also proven to be equally adaptable and popular for use at home. The seat, back, and footrest are all independently adjustable for height, depth and angle. This allows for a wide range of positioning options depending on the child’s individual needs. A unique aspect of this design is the ability to set the contoured seat cushion at up to 20° anterior tilt as well as level or a posterior tilt. The anterior tilt can often be used to tilt the child’s pelvis forward and thereby encourage more correct back posture and improve upper extremity function and head control.

Basic Chair Includes:

  • Contoured seat cushion with seat belt
  • Back pad
  • Lateral trunk support
  • Locking casters
  • Seat and back are independently adjustable for height, depth, and angle

Specifications – Classroom Positioner Chair

(CPC25) (CPC29) (CPC33)
Seat to floor 12″ to 17″ 14″ to 20″ 15″ to 22″
Seat to footrest 6″ to 12″ 8″ to 15″ 10″ to 17″
Seat depth 6″ to 13″ 8″ to 15″ 12″ to 17″
Seat to top of back 11″ to 15″ 13″ to 17″ 16″ to 20″
Width between lateral supports 7″ to 11″ 7″ to 11″ 9″ to 13″
Chest Harness (Refer to diagram below for dimensions) (CH1) (CH1) (CH2)
cpc harness diagram A 8″ 8″ 9 1/2″
B 12 1/2″ 12 1/2″ 6″
C 7″ 7″ 8″
D 5″ 5″ 6″
E 8″ 8″ 10″

Measuring Guide

Child's Measurements Sitting (in inches):

Sitting Measurements

A Lower leg length (back of knee to floor)

B Seat depth (back of knee to back of seat

C Head height (seat to top of head)

D Shoulder height (seat to top of shoulder)

E Axilla height (seat to armpit)

F Trunk width (widest location)

G Hip width (widest location)

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sizes available for classroom positions chair

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Headrest and Headrest Mounting options (Choose one)

CH-AH Contoured headrestCH-AH Contoured headrest pad with adjustable height provides consistent symmetrical support. Adjustable height mount allows headrest to be moved up or down in relation to the back.
 CH-AH – $110

CH-ADH Contoured headrestCH-ADH - Contoured headrest pad with adjustable height and depth. Adjustable height and depth mount adjusts for height as well as anterior/posterior.
 CH-ADH - $185

FH-AH - Flat headrestFH-AH - Flat headrest - The Flat head rest pad is used when no lateral support is required. Adjustable height.
 FH-AH - $65

FH-ADH - Flat headrestFH-ADH - Flat headrest - Adjustable height and depth mount adjusts for height as well as anterior/posterior.
 FH-ADH - $120

FHL-AH - Flat headrest with adjustable lateralsFHL-AH - Flat headrest with adjustable laterals - Flat head rest pad with adjustable lateral supports allows for more specific placement of the supports for height and width.
 FHL-AH - $155

FHL-ADH - Flat headrest with adjustable lateralsFHL-ADH - Flat headrest with adjustable laterals - Adjustable height and depth mount adjusts for height as well as anterior/posterior.
 FHL-ADH - $220

Tilt in Space baseTilt in Space base - This option changes the base to give the ability to tilt the chair up to 25º. The footsurface is standard on this chair. Shoe holders must be added if needed. All other features of the chair remain the same.
 TPC25 - $190 TPC29 - $190 TPC33 - $200

Standard chest harness CH1, CH2Standard chest harness CH1, CH2 - Four point bib style harness. Secured with 4 fastex buckles on 1” webbing. Two sizes correspond to the three sizes of chairs as follows - CH1 for CPC25 and CPC29, CH2 for CPC33.
 CH1 - $120 CH2 - $120

Shoulder Protraction Pads SHPRS and SHPRLShoulder Protraction Pads SHPRS and SHPRL - 45° support pads mounted in the same slots as the standard lateral pads help to block unwanted upper extremity extension or to keep arms more mid-line for children with low tone. SHPRS (Small) for the TS13, SHPRL (large) for the TS15 and TS17.
 SHPRS - $110 SHPRL - $110

Adjustable ArmrestsAdjustable Armrests AR - Adjustable armrests can be added to the basic tilt in space chair. They are angle adjustable and may be flipped back completely out of the way. They are height adjustable by removing bolts and repositioning them in a series of holes on the sides of the chair.
 AR - $120

Slide On Tray TRSSlide On Tray TRS - The tray slides onto the adjustable armrests and is secured with two spring pins that engage in a series of holes on the armrests.
 TRS - $220

Clip On Tray TRCClip On Tray TRC - Attaches to the chair with two spring clips that engage in a series of holes on the sides of the chair. The height is determined by the choice of holes. The angle is adjusted by supports attached to the tray.
 TRC - $275

Foot SurfaceFoot Surface - with shoe holders. Adjustable height and depth footrest with one pair of foot positioning shoe holders. FS1 is used on the CPC25 and CPC29, FS2 is used on the CPC33.
 FS1 - $195 FS2 - $200

Shoe Holders SH2, SH3Shoe Holders SH2, SH3 - Adjustable foot positioners with velcro straps help to maintain appropriate foot placement. Two sizes SH2 for Small and Medium CPC, SH3 for Large CPC.
 SH2 - $130 SH3 - $130

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