Positioner Desk Stander

desk standerThe Positioner Desk/Stander is a dynamic sit to stand addition to the Classroom Positioner Chair. It provides the seated child with an angle and height adjustable desk surface. Additionally, the desk can be raised and moved away to allow the child to come to a supported standing position. The child can experiment with the sit to stand movement or be encouraged to remain standing. The optional Posterior Pelvic Support may be used to help maintain the standing position.

Basic Stander Includes:

  • Height, angle, and depth adjustable desk surface
  • Adjustable contoured knee blocks
  • Lateral pelvic pad for the standig position
  • Latches to secure the desk/stander to the Classroom Positioner Chair

Specifications — Positioner Desk/Stander

(DS1) For CPC25 (DS2) For CPC29 (DS3) For CPC33
Height from floor 21″ to 30″ 23″ to 37″ 27″ to 40″
Height from footrest 17″ to 26″ 13″ to 33″ 22″ to 35″
Desk top – width by length 24” X 21” 24” X 22” 24” X 22”
Base – width by length 21” X 23” 21” X 23” 23” X 24”

Measuring Guide

Child's Measurements Standing (in inches):

Standing Measurements A Knee height (floor to mid knee)

B Hip height (floor to top of hip)

C Elbow height (floor to bent elbow)

D Axilla height (floor to armpit)

E Shoulder height (floor to top of shoulder)

F Overall height (floor to top of head)

G Hip width (widest location)

H Trunk width (widest location)

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 DS1 - $860 DS2 - $890 DS3 - $920

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Posterior Pelvic SupportPosterior Pelvic Support PPS - A
Flat pad mounted on a velcro strap which may be used to help the child maintain a standing position.
 PPS – $60

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